We are data systems researchers

CreateLab is a research group at UIUC led by Prof. Yongjoo Park. As a research group, we investigate novel algorithms and systems, pioneering new generations of data systems. Specifically, we are committed to pursuing formal mathematical guarantees and building actual systems to demonstrate the superiority of our new systems in modern computing environments.

CreateLab is part of Data and Information Systems (DAIS), a research area in CS@Illinois. DAIS comprises exceptional, diverse faculty in the areas of data mining, databases, and the web, being one of the strongest data groups in the nation.


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Current Projects

We are interested in many things! But, these are a few of them we are putting most of our effort into to build systems and publish exciting results. Each project is designed to pursue a single, ultimate goal; however, it entails many sub-components, each is scientifically investigated by our group members. Besides these projects, we encourage group members to bring completely new ideas for novel data systems.


Cloud-native Search Engine

We are archiving past projects on this page.


Our group is growing with exceptional students at UIUC and passionate collaborators at other institutions. Every day, we create, break, and re-create novel data systems.

Yongjoo Park

Assistant Professor

Supawit Chockchowwat

PhD student

Billy Li

PhD student

Nikhil Sheoran

Masters student

Chaitanya Sood

Undergraduate student

Siyi Yu

Undergraduate student

Richard Deng

Undergraduate student

Shuning Zhang

Undergraduate student

Xinlong Dai

Undergraduate student

Yuzhou Mao

Masters student

Anxue Chen

Undergraduate student

Karthik Talluri

Undergraduate student

Venkatesh Dharmala

Undergraduate student

Tianying Zhu

Undergraduate student

Vineet Chinthakindi

Undergraduate student

Wenjie Hu

Software Engineer

Hanjun Goo

PhD student, SNU

In the past

We are fortunate enough to work with these brilliant people in the past.

Johes Bater

PhD student, Northwestern

Feng Qing

Masters student

If you are already working in the team, but is not added here, please read this page.

Wanna join the group?

Depending on your current standings, there are several different ways of joining the group and conducting research with us.

UIUC undergraduate students: We typically have several ongoing projects co-led by the current graduate students. If you are interested in joining one of the projects noted above, please send us an email.  (2021 Summer Research)

Students outside UIUC: Due to the difficulty of communication, the remote students outside UIUC are not recommended to work with us. However, if you think your communication skills are exceptional, please reach out to us.

Prospective graduate students: To become a master’s or PhD student at UIUC, you must first apply for a program you are interested in and then admitted. The people in our lab mostly belong to the computer science program, and the admission to the computer science program at UIUC is extremely competitive. Please find more on this page.