Contrats everyone on your achievement!


AutoIndex Accepted to AIDB@VLDB (Aug 2022)

A short research paper "Automatically Finding Optimal Index Structure (Extended Abstracts)" by Supawit Chockchowwat, Wenjie Liu, and Yongjoo Park has been accepted to the 4th International Workshop on Applied AI for Database Systems and Applications held at VLDB 2022.

Teaching Modality Accepted to FIE'22 (Aug 2022)

A research paper "The Effects of Teaching Modality on Collaborative Learning: A Controlled Study" by Sophia Yang, Yongjoo Park, and Abdussalam Alawini will appear at 2022 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference.

Two Posters at SIGMOD'22 SRC (July 2022)

Supawit Chockchowwat and Nikhil Sheoran presented at SIGMOD 2022 Student Research Competition their work on automatic index tuning and deep online aggregation, respectively.

Supawit Passes Qual (May 2022)

Supawit Chockchowwat passed the Qualifying Exam, achieving an important milestone toward his PhD degree.

Yongjoo to be Publicity Chair of ICDE'23 (Jan 2022)

Yongjoo Park is serving as the Publicity Chair of IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering 2023.

Yongjoo to Judge ACM SRC Grand Finals (Jan 2022)

Yongjoo Park will serve as a judge of ACM Student Research Competition 2022 Grand Finals.


Airphant Accepted to ICDE'22 (Dec 2021)

A research paper "Airphant: Cloud-oriented Document Indexing" by Supawit Chockchowwat, Chaitanya Sood, and Yongjoo Park has been accpeted to IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering 2022.

Billy and Nikhil Join (Sep 2021)

Billy Li and Nikhil Sheoran join UIUC as a PhD and an MS students, respectively.

$35K Azure Credits (June 2021)

Our group has been awarded Azure Credits amounting to $35K for our research.

Yongjoo Receives Advising Award (Feb 2021)

Yongjoo Park is awarded 2021 Engineering Council Outstanding Advising Award from the university.

$15K GCP Credits (Feb 2021)

Our group has been awarded GCP Credits amounting to $15K for our research.

Yongjoo to Co-chair SIGMOD SRC (Jan 2021)

Yongjoo Park will co-chair SIGMOD Student Research Competition in the years of 2021 and 2022.


Supawit Joins (Sep 2020)

Supawit Chockchowwat starts his PhD program at UIUC.

SAQE Accepted to VLDB'21 (July 2020)

A research paper "SAQE: Practical Privacy-Preserving Approximate Query Processing for Data Federations" by Johes Bater, Yongjoo Park, Xi He, Xiao Wang, and Jennie Rogers has been accpeted to PVLDB'20, which will be presented at VLDB'21.

Yongjoo Joins UIUC (June 2019)

Yongjoo will start his position as an Assistant Professor from January 2021. Before joining the university, he will be working on his start-up company, Keebo, as a co-founder and CTO, while holding an Adjust Professor position at the university.

Yongjoo Park: