Wanna Join Us?

Already at UIUC

If you are a UIUC student, include that information when you send an email to Yongjoo with your CV. MS and PhD students may be provided RA. Undergraduate summer research is typically compensated as part of REU with expectation you will spend 20 hours/week or more. For other semesters (Fall/Spring), you are expected to spend 10 hours/week or more; you may sign up for an indenependent study.

Prospective Student

If you are applying to CS@UIUC (either MS or PhD), please include "Yongjoo Park" as one of the faculty members you want to work with. Also, if you are already have research experiene in data systems, please send an email to Yongjoo Park with your CV.

External Collaboration

We rarely work with the students outside UIUC, especially during summer. Please send an email to Yongjoo Park with your CV. Early collaboration before joining UIUC might be helpful in making your application stronger because we have more time to interact with you.

Yongjoo Park: yongjoo@g.illinois.edu